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Find,  motivate, create, and support teenage girls that want to make a difference in our communities, that want to positively represent our culture, and that want to embrace direction to succeed as they become young adults.



Just Perfect by YC, LLC, and Hispanic VIP, have designed a program that satisfies a girls’ dream to have their Quinceañera party with a twist of good!  …A bridge between childhood and successful womanhood.

The girls will work toward selecting a theme via a brainstorming session that encourages creativity and builds team working skills.

They will be mentored by experts to create and manage a budget, and to develop project management skills to execute their own party.

They will also volunteer to either create a new service project or support an existing local project in their communities.



  • Phase I - Execute Extraordinary Quinceañera Celebrations where we will provide a unique learning experience for the participants.

  • Phase II - Have a Quinceañeras VIP Contest as a culmination event at the end of the calendar year which purpose is to raise funds in benefit of After School Dance Fund, and to encourage professional and quality growth in the industry.

  • Phase III - Produce the Quinceañeras VIP Reality Show, which will be a tool to spread the word and motivate other girls to enroll in the Quinceañeras VIP program.

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